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InnoVint clients are streamlining operations, saving time, and producing great wine.

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House of Smith Transforms Their Winery Tech Stack to Scale Operations

Learn about House of Smith’s journey from legacy systems to a modern, integrated tech stack, enhancing data centralization, financial visibility, and operational efficiency. “We were stuck 2 decades in the past with disconnected operations and duplicated manual efforts in reporting and reconciliation,” shares Lisa Kaplan, VP of Sales Operations, “I knew we needed a complete overhaul to modernize our systems.”

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Margerum Finds the Ultimate Solution for Remote Winery Management

Margerum Wine Company was relying on spreadsheets to manage their operations until they hit a certain velocity where it became almost impossible. Seeking to improve their business, they turned to InnoVint for a solution. The winery management software proved to be a valuable tool, allowing owner Doug Margerum to remotely monitor and access real-time data about the winery’s operations, all from the convenience of his mobile phone. InnoVint quickly became a game changer for the team, providing easy access to necessary data, and saving time for everyone involved.

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Colaneri Chooses InnoVint For Sparkling Wine Production

The team at Colaneri had been searching for winery management software for a while before finding InnoVint. They were unimpressed with other platforms’ usability and intuitiveness to seamlessly support their operations. InnoVint was the key to Canadian compliance, inventory visibility, and streamlining their sparkling wine production workflows.

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Harmony Between Winery Teams | Lakewood Vineyards Migrates to InnoVint in Just 3 days

“We needed a platform that could harbor all of the complexity of our operation,” says Ben Stamp, Assistant Winemaker.

Lakewood Vineyards needed a system that could save them time and drive efficiency. The team eagerly tossed their notebooks and spreadsheets for a robust software finally capable of handling their complex needs as a growing custom crush operation. “InnoVint has continued to increase interoperability between cellar, vineyards, accounting, and inventory staff. We have accordingly furloughed our cryptographer (sarcasm).”

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Davis Estates Improves Process From Block to Bottle With InnoVint

Davis Estates optimizes their workflows with InnoVint on their side. Now armed with actionable insights, the small team seamlessly tracks their process from vineyard block to bottle. “We’re extremely satisfied with InnoVint and appreciate the continued growth in both sophistication and the services it offers us. Certainly makes our lives easier!” – Walter Leiva, Assistant Winemaker

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Michael Ros Uses InnoVint

Starting off Right | Michael Ros Winery, Texas

The Michael Ros team had been struggling with time-consuming operations and an inability to update pricing on new deliveries of essential items. Winemaking activities such as toppings necessitated more time and effort to record the correct gains and losses. They made a change and are now reaping the benefits of InnoVint.

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