meet the paw-fessionals

We’ve got some rad people working for InnoVint but allow us to introduce you to the ones who are really running the show.

work hard
nap harder

Working in the ever-changing world of technology isn’t easy so that’s why we recruit the best!

Sales director


Gwen is a fierce yet poised competitor. She always has her game face on. She loves socializing and is always networking at the dog park, constantly looking to get the attention of the biggest and fastest dogs.

Sports are dear to her heart, especially golf and baseball, anything with a ball. She practices as much as possible, so when the opportunity presents itself, she is prepared and ready to win!

lead chaser


Dot is an experienced Growth Marketer, proficient in all things related to hunting / chasing down leads. Her previous role of being a cat for over a year really prepared her for her transition into the winery software space. Dot balances work and life with ease and always lands on her feet!

She stands out from the crowd with the hours and hours that she has dedicated to improving her typing skills. She can speedily type complex words like jfvnjsfngf and kfgjdkjtroit, many people can’t even begin to understand that level of brilliance! She also takes pride in her ability to be up for any work challenge at a moment’s notice…even if she was just napping.

As long as she hits all her KPI’s (kitten performance indicators) she just might be promoted to CMO, Chief Meow Officer.

Winery Pups

Hayduke loves playing fetch and herding his humans. He loves people in general and always wants to play and get pets from new people he meets.

❤️ Favorite foods are cheese, chicken, and steak.

👎 His dislikes include loud noises–hair dryer, leaf blower, the vacuum; waves at the beach.

Tokaji over at Southold Farm Cellar takes his job very seriously from the tasting room to the cellar!

Product Manager


Ollie is a high-performing product manager, as long as the product is ‘Doing Whatever The Hecc She Wants.’

She is a dedicated user researcher; laser-focused on understanding the human-food-eating experience. She is particularly interested in how she might help streamline the plate-clearing and cleanup process, always willing to lend a paw.

Ollie is also an excellent teammate, empowering others to do their best work. She’ll go so far as to sleep copious amounts while on the job, or walk out of zoom meetings just to motivate others.

She lets her performance metrics speak for themselves, as she has a 100% user adoption rate…I mean, she successfully got adopted so what else is there to say…?!

CUSTOMER Success Manager


Clementine is a Customer Success Manager who enjoys connecting with humans, although she can be a bit overly ambitious in chats or trainings as she frequently requests cuddle time during her work day. She is diligent in getting her exercise and runs every morning to work.

On her days off, Clementine loves to expand her knowledge in wine- never afraid to sniff a cork or take a sip. A lover of all wine – no variety is off the table for her!

She has been known to get her paws dirty stomping grapes during harvest and is proficient in tasting Brix levels throughout fermentation.

InnoVint Client Pups

Sisters in Customer Success

Meet the dynamic duo that came on the scene exactly one year ago.


Margaux is a force to be reckoned with and you know it the moment she enters the room or a zoom call. She is a powerful, natural leader who is extremely skilled at barking orders, herding other dogs as well as small children.

Margaux might be a little goofy sometimes but she always knows when it’s time to get down to business. She loves to gives kisses (almost obsessively…like she’s going to eat you if she doesn’t get them)

She gives her all every day, talented at surgically disassembling even the most in-destructive of toys, and she crashes hard when the day is done. You know this from loud yawns and vocalizations almost like she’s telling everyone that it’s time for bed and we gotta listen cause she’s the boss.



Greta is an excellent visual communicator. She leads you to what she wants you to see and has even been known to point her paw towards the food dish when it wasn’t refilled in a timely manner.

Greta is cuddly, but also aloof. She wants attention on her terms. But make no mistake, she wants attention. Belly rubs are a particular favorite. While she puts her all into her work, it’s not a raise she’s looking for, Greta is treat-motivated and knows how to play the game.

She’s protective over her territory and makes sure the neighborhood hears her battle cries long after the passerby has passed. Ultimately, she loves playing with her sister and spends a fair chunk of her day chasing and jumping on Margaux.

Chief Operating Officer


Enzo is the Chief Operating Officer at home in Seattle. 

He juggles numerous tennis balls with ease. He keeps a tight schedule. Breakfast is at 7:00 am sharp and dinner is at 5:30 pm on the dot. He motivates everyone to stay in shape, mostly by encouraging you to take him on long walks. When he senses you need to take a break from your work, he’s happy to let you blow off some steam by playing fetch with him. Enzo is passionate about keeping things squeaky clean, especially under the dining room table.

While Enzo seems like he’s all business all the time, he really loves a good belly rub, just like the rest of us.


Animal Operations Lead


Zula had a tough start, but it was her perseverance that brought her to the philosophy she lives by today:

“Work hard but never forget to practice self-care because you can only do your best when you feel your best!”

To her this means seeking out those extra cozy sweaters during the colder months, taking time to travel, and finding comfort amongst friends.

She takes great pride in her ability to bring smiles to everyone’s faces in every room she walks into. From a young age, she thrived when it came to problem-solving and constantly looked for ways to make daily life more efficient for those around her. 

She believes in equal opportunity for all pets, and even started a training program for pets to enroll their humans into to teach them how to obtain a proper Work: Life balance, and of course treats and playtime etiquette. She was inspired to launch this program after spending a summer in Italy and seeing such a stark difference in the Work:Life culture compared to the US. It’s a groundbreaking program, that she feels will do a lot of good.

All this combined made her a natural fit when the position of Animal Operations Lead at InnoVint opened up.

Cuddle Success

Matteo "Teo"

Having recently celebrated his 16th birthday, Matteo is officially retired from Customer Success and is now fully committed to Cuddle Success. 

He spends most of his days napping and is happiest snoozing in a warm sunbeam or receiving gentle pets. Remarkably, he still occasionally gets asked if he’s a puppy. The secret to a long life? Plenty of sleep! Matteo encourages all working hard this harvest season to take time to rest and restore.


Account Executive


Luna the Great Dane brings 5 years of sales experience to InnoVint.

Since joining the company she has seen a 300% increase in sales in her territory (and 90% decrease in squirrels). She is all ears for new ideas and is always sniffing around for new opportunities to grow the InnoVint community.

swim expert


At just under two years old (that’s 9 in human years) Niji is adventurous at heart. She adores road trips and just took a 3000-mile adventure through 3 provinces with her humans. Her bio photo was taken the day before she learned to swim, one of her proudest moments!

Niji is super active and keeps the people around her active too during their “morning commute,” but then it’s back home so the Director of Engineering can get to work, along with her help of course!

In her spare time, she continues to attempt to expand her domain, insisting that the road is not actually a common area and she wants anybody who passes to know that they are on her turf. (Bark bark!)

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