InnoVint’s Interactive 3D Tank Maps

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InnoVint is thrilled to announce a new 3D tank maps feature, allowing wineries to build a digital replica of their tank maps using cutting-edge web technology.

Unlike that messy whiteboard, InnoVint’s tank map automatically overlays real-time information about the wine’s status, such as lot code, current volume, date filled, and many other key data points. Watch the video for a tour of this powerful feature.

Replaces Your Messy Whiteboard

InnoVint renders a complete 3D and top-down map right from your browser, providing a unique and compelling spatial perspective on tank and lot data.

Real-time Visibility Into Your Wine’s Status

Enjoy the superpower of X-ray vision and quickly view capacity across many tanks at once. That whiteboard can’t compete and honestly, it’s not nearly as fun!

It’s super simple to create and edit a tank map and customize it to show the most important data to winemaking teams.

Create Your Own 3D Tank Map

This dazzling feature is just the beginning of InnoVint’s vision for an interactive tank map, and current clients can begin using the feature right away to create their very own 3D tank map in minutes!