InnoVint is cloud-based wine production software that enables real-time data entry using mobile devices. Our platform—designed by experienced winemakers and top engineers—is intuitive, flexible and models every step of the winemaking process. InnoVint puts real-time data at your fingertips, giving you superior insight into your operations to help you and your team make better wine, together.

real-time data capture
& work orders

InnoVint’s mobile record-keeping eliminates paper records and duplicate data entry.​ You can record activities, additions and analytics via mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Work orders are created and assigned digitally. Cellar staff receive them on a mobile device, enter the requested data, and complete them as the work is performed. Work orders are editable and flexible so you can confidently plan both your long-term monthly topping schedule and last-minute work during harvest. ​

powerful reporting
and analytics

InnoVint provides customized and flexible reporting for every stage of the winemaking process. You can easily view the entire history of a lot from vine to bottle, including all analyses and additions as well as volume and component changes over time. You can take historical reporting further by comparing vintage to vintage variation between current and archived wines.

flexible workflow

InnoVint provides a variety of mobile options to fit your unique winery environment, from fully-featured tablet access to mobile apps for iPhones and iPods. Each user has their own permission-based account allowing everyone involved and interested in production analytics to find value in InnoVint, from the owners to the interns.

consultants, APs & custom crush

InnoVint easily manages the various relationships you may have with internal and external stakeholders at your winery. You can manage multiple bonds at one location and group inventory by custom crush client or AP. Winemaking consultants are able to toggle easily between all their clients from a single interface.

vineyard tracking & harvest sampling

We all know great wine is made in the vineyard. The importance of monitoring and understand the growing season is critical. InnoVint captures all your fruit sources and tracks yields, cost, sample results and field notes by block and by vintage.

TTB & FDA compliance reporting

Compliance reporting has never been this effortless. InnoVint generates a fully editable 5120.17 TTB report pre-filled with your data by tax class. We also track your Additives and Dry Goods by batch number, allowing for full traceability reporting compliant with FDA regulations.

QR code vessel tracking

InnoVint's vessel tracking system requires no additional hardware or software to utilize our QR codes. Labels are generated by InnoVint, printed on your standard office printer, and scanned using mobile device cameras. Get a sneak peak of the scanning in this video.

cost of goods tracking

InnoVint’s costing feature enables your winery to track production costs from fruit to bottle. The software allows you to apply your costs of goods including raw materials, supplies used, labor, and other allocated production overhead to your inventory.

cider, mead & fruit wine production

InnoVint tracks many different fruit and agricultural products you may be fermenting such as apples, honey, and other fruits. We are set up to handle multi-source operations as well.

integration partners

In our continued efforts to ease data entry burden InnoVint integrates with many service providers to eliminate redundant data entry. This list is always growing so contact us for current information on the integrations we support.

flexible units of measurement

InnoVint can manage your inventory in imperial/U.S. units, metric units, or a combination thereof.

all-inclusive pricing

We never charge per user, per device, or for customer support. We encourage everyone from the cellar to the lab to have a user account. We have plenty of resources get your questions answered quickly and to make your experience enjoyable.

and more!

These features are just the beginning! Contact us to explore all that InnoVint has to offer.

what our customers say about us

Subscriptions are based on production volume and start at $129/month! Contact us to schedule a product demo and to learn more about InnoVint.

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