Your Journey, Our Shared Vision

We know that embracing a new platform can feel like a giant leap, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Our client success team of seasoned industry professionals is ready to support you, equipped with both the heart and the expertise from firsthand experience.

Onboarding with InnoVint

What’s The InnoVint Onboarding Difference?

With a mix of practical winery experience and tech know-how, our onboarding specialists ensure your winery has a clear path with all the resources you’ll ever need.

Flexible Pace

Every winery is unique which is why we offer a personalized experience with either Standard or Premium onboarding, adapting to your winery’s specific needs.

Comprehensive Onboarding

Our training sessions cover everything you need to know, from basic navigation to advanced reporting functionalities. Providing you with guidance every step of the way.

Additional Resources

Join our monthly InnoVint Academy webinars, seasonal intern training, and explore 300+ guides in our Support Center. Need more? We're just an email away!

Onboarding With Us: Choose Your Flavor

Implementing a new software system can be a significant transition, but at InnoVint, we are dedicated to smoothing the way for you. Take your pick between our Standard and Premium onboarding options, both designed to suit your pace and unique winery.


All The Essentials 💪

You’ll join three live sessions with other new InnoVint clients where we’ll walk you through the system, helping you set up your inventory and learn all the ins and outs of the software.

On top of our fantastic email support and Support Center, you’ll also have access to office hours to ensure your questions are answered.

Great if your team:

  • Has fewer than 5 people
  • Can join 3 pre-scheduled online trainings

What’s Included?

  • 3 live sessions with a Client Onboarding Specialist
  • Open office hours
  • Email support
  • A Support Center packed with 300+ guides and FAQs


For the VIP Treatment 👑

We assign a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) to lead your team through a personalized onboarding process that fits your team’s structure.

From the initial kickoff call to one-on-one training sessions, this program ensures that every team member is fully versed in utilizing InnoVint to its fullest potential.

Premium Onboarding is the way to go if:

  • You plan to have 5 or more InnoVint users
  • Different departments will be using InnoVint (e.g. a CFO, a bottling supervisor, or a dedicated lab team)
  • You require data migration services
  • You’re spread across various sites
  • You need to integrate with an ERP
  • Or you just love the idea of a personalized touch from an InnoVint expert!

What’s Included?

  • A bespoke onboarding experience
  • A dedicated Client Success Manager to guide your team
  • Initial kickoff call to outline implementation milestones
  • Customized training schedules
  • One-on-one sessions to get everyone onboard
  • Regular progress check-ins throughout the onboarding phase

Used and loved by over 5,000 winery professionals around the world!

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

You may be surprised to hear that we have winery customers that make around a thousand cases a year (and love it!) aaaand customers that make millions of cases a year (and love it!) That may seem crazy, but it’s true. Our product scales down as a simple solution for a tiny producer as well as up for the largest, most complex beverage alcohol organizations in the world.

InnoVint is a software subscription service hosted online. We offer special packages that bundle our features based on what kind of value you’re seeking.

Our team works with you to understand your business. Then we map our packages to your needs with pricing options that make sense for you. 

Why yes, you can! It’s especially valuable for APs (alternating proprietors) that need to manage their own data and file their own compliance reports.

That said, it’s always a nice win/win scenario when the facility manages their APs/clients under the same InnoVint umbrella. That way, they can simply grant you access to your sub-set of inventory to work and/or view your wines.

InnoVint is a platform built by winemakers, woman-led, and backed by over 200 vintages of experience. We’re not just techies, we’re industry veterans who understand the intricacies of winemaking and the need for data-driven insights.

Our tools are designed for everyone – from winemakers to accountants to managers. We offer not just a product, but a support system, with InnoVint Academy trainings, harvest seminars, a robust online support center, and even an online community, The Punchdown. At InnoVint, we’re all about working smarter, not harder, and your success is our ultimate goal.


Ready to get started?

There’s no better time than now. Become a part of our vibrant winemaking community. Get up and running in no time!