Maximize your Winemaking Potential

No more cross-referencing spreadsheets with handwritten notes with your clunky, outdated database.

We simplify it all for you – whether you make a few thousand cases or (way) more.

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Breaking Down the Silos

Winery Teams Operate in Harmony

From your viticulturist to your accountant to your intern – everyone gets value from InnoVint – without having to pester each other for information!

Vineyard Stats

Yields, maturity, seasonal tracking, all at everyone’s fingertips.

Instant COGS

Grant your accountant access to the cost of bulk wine at any point in time.

Intern Training Tool

Empower your temp staff with a better training resource.

winery mobility

Your Mobile
Back Pocket Buddy

Where is wine made? In the vineyard, cellar, lab, heck, sometimes you even need to make calls on the road. 

We’ve enabled InnoVint to empower you everywhere you are, with attention to simpler, shorter routes to the exact information you seek.

Always Stay Compliant

Stop struggling with compliance. Employ a system to manage the ins and outs so you can focus on everything else.

State-specific Reporting

Your state has specific reporting requirements, and we make sure the information you need is quickly accessible.

Auto-generated TTB Form

A fully-auditable 5120.17 report in as little as 5 simple clicks.

Full FDA Traceability

Concerned about additive tracking in case of a recall? We have you covered to stay fully compliant.

powerful integrations

Powerful Integrations

Minimize data entry and increase productivity by InnoVint with your other technology providers.

InnoVint is able to import data from numerous lab equipment, analytical devices, and labs from around the country.

Real-Time Insights

Actionable Reporting & Forecasting

The most powerful reporting solution in the industry, backed by the best performance. Get instant access to data without long load times.

Customizable, Purpose-driven Reporting

Some reports are custom curated. Some you configure. That’s what makes InnoVint so powerful. We strike the balance between flexibility and rigidity depending on the context.​

Winery Insights Platform​

From high level to low level, use InnoVint's Insights dashboard to drive essential decision-making.

man on ipad with tank availability

Inventory Tracking & Traceability

Need real-time lot inventory, robust barrel histories, or to allocate your inventory to a specific program? We got you covered.

From barrels to lots to case goods, you are in good hands with InnoVint.

Take Your Workflow Digital

Run Your Cellar Schedule

Create, complete, and submit work orders all digitally - with no paper attached!

Tackle All Your Ferments at Once

Manage brix/temp trends, recent activities, and daily team assignments - all from a single screen!

Instant Scan-And-Go

Scan QR codes for instant inventory insight, and to take action.

Integrate Seamlessly

Push and pull information from other systems and solutions simply and elegantly.

lab management

Lab & Analyses Management

InnoVint is your one-stop shop to manage your labs and analyses. From block maturity to wine chemistry, use your mobile, tablet, or computer to get readings quickly and easily.

Specialized Modules

Designed to work seamlessly with your unique wine production processes regardless of your size. 

Custom Crush Permissions

Ditch the back-and-forth communication dance and get everyone on the same page. Easily manage client inventory as a provider, or get access to your inventory as a client.

Cost Accounting

Capture the true cost per finished good SKU to reconcile with your accounting software or ERP.

Intended Use Allocations

Assign volumes to intended uses to track against program targets.

Case Goods Management

The buck doesn’t stop at the bottle! Manage your finished goods through taxpaid inventory with our platform.

Sparkling Wine Production

Designed for the méthode champenoise process, the workflow perfectly follows the dosage, tirage, disgorgement and bottling process.

TankNet & VinWizard Integration

Directly integrate with your control and automation systems so everything stays in sync.


Modern Winemaking Reimagined

No more cross-referencing spreadsheets with handwritten notes with your clunky, outdated database.

We simplify it all for you – whether you make a few thousand cases or (way) more.

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