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Elk Cove Vineyards: Successful First Harvest With InnoVint

Elk Cove Vineyards has been producing signature Pinot Noirs and cool climate white wines since 1974. As a family-owned and operated winery, Elk Cove prides itself on creating wines that reflect the quality and character of the Oregon estate. Head Winemaker, Adam Campbell, part of the second generation of winemakers, works alongside Associate Winemaker, Heather Perkin to continue the legacy.

Before InnoVint

Before InnoVint, the team faced the daunting task of managing data and processes manually, leading to a stressful harvest. Needing to transcribe data prior to inputting it posed an increased risk of errors. Heather Perkin, their winemaker, knew they needed a cloud-based solution to streamline processes and reduce the time spent on training staff and interns. She needed to find a system that not only simplified training but was intuitive enough for her team to manage their tasks independently.

Initial Pain Points:

  • The hassle of double data entry and the errors that came with it
  • Time-consuming work order management
  • Lack of a seamless integration with existing technology

After InnoVint

This year, Elk Cove Vineyards switched to InnoVint, making their harvest workflows smoother.

Heather was no longer bogged down by paperwork, giving her more time with her team and the ability to focus on actual winemaking. Heather reflects, “In years past, I’ve been about 3-4 days behind on certain tasks; it was definitely a lot more hands-off for me than it has ever been.”

Data is just a few clicks away with the InnoApp mobile app

The winemaking team efficiently uses tablets and phones to manage tasks, and Heather can confidently work offline in the vineyard, knowing everything will sync up later.

Streamlined Work Order Management

With InnoVint, handling work orders turned into a straightforward and intuitive process. Heather’s team could record tasks directly, freeing her up to simply check and submit them.

InnoVint seamlessly connects with Elk Cove’s existing technologies

InnoVint integrated beautifully with the winery’s existing tech. “In previous times, we’ve had to handwrite the brix, then type it in. That was two points of error. I’m loving how fast this is,” Heather comments.

The Future

Elk Cove Vineyards continues to grow, embracing the benefits that InnoVint brings to their operations. Heather was able to reclaim her time, dedicating more of it to what she loves most—making wine and connecting with her team. Elk Cove’s story is one of embracing technology to enhance winemaking tradition.


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