The Punchdown is more than a website.
It's a community.

Wine Industry Events

Host and livestream industry events within the Punchdown, or keep an eye on other wine industry events to stay updated on the latest happenings.



Buy, sell, borrow or lend anything a winery needs, like barrels, grapes, bulk wine, equipment, etc.


Job Listings

Post wine jobs or explore job opportunities for yourself.


Share Knowledge

Share research articles, winemaking SOPs, calculators, and tools with fellow winemakers.ย 


The Punchdown is an online community โ€“ a gathering place for commercial winemakers and their teams.

Members can openly discuss all sorts of topics โ€“ winemaking techniques, growing your business, industry news โ€“ in discussion forums and chat rooms that are preserved for all to read and benefit from.

You can search for other members and privately direct message them. You can also message groups of members – like all the winemakers in your area.