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Harmony Between Winery Teams | Lakewood Vineyards Migrates to InnoVint in Just 3 days

Meet Lakewood Vineyards

Lakewood Vineyards is a NY- based winery producing a diverse selection of award-winning wines in the Finger Lakes. The Stamp family started planting and selling grapes in the 1950s but went on to press their first vintage in 1988. Now with over 30 vintages under their belt, three generations of the Stamp family work together to grow their production and deliver exceptional wines each year.

The Lakewood team was able to get up and running with the InnoVint in just three days!

Before InnoVint

Growing Pains and Complicated Workflows

As the team and production grew, so did the complexity of running a larger operation. Assistant Winemaker Ben Stamp had this to say about the decision to move to InnoVint.

“One of the reasons we took the leap to InnoVint is that we needed a platform that could harbor all of the complexity of our operation. As our winemaking staff grew from 1 to 4, it was no longer practical to use a cellar record that relied on one person to decipher.”

Before InnoVint, Lakewood Vineyards was using a combination of physical notebooks and Excel workbooks which made untangling the sources, costs, and chemistries associated with a final blend a monumental task. 

Most desirable functionality / Initial Pain Points:

– Lakewood needed a system that could save time and make them much more efficient – the big quality of life improvement and business/wine quality improvement!
– Having to rely on a single person to decode notebooks and spreadsheets
– Required a robust system that could help them manage all the complexity of production, especially with custom crush

Value Realized:

– Fast, flexible, accessible information all on the fly
– Great, instant visibility and communication between all roles/aspects of vineyard, production, accounting, and inventory
– Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!

After InnoVint

Accurate Data and Time Saved

InnoVint has become indispensable by allowing Lakewood to access data instantly in a useful format and pull reports from previous dates without having to cross-reference.

“The ability to pull accurate, real-time cost data about our inventory allows us to get pricing to potential clients almost instantly and greatly increases the efficiency of our billing process,” says Stamp. InnoVint has continued to increase interoperability between cellar, vineyards, accounting, and inventory staff. We have accordingly furloughed our cryptographer (sarcasm).”

Today, the value of InnoVint at Lakewood is clear with all teams are working in harmony. Efficiency is the name of the game.

“InnoVint makes all of our cellar and winery operations and inventories available anywhere in an accessible format, which is incredibly important in our close industry, where we must coordinate custom-crush activities on the fly. Mobile access to this real-time database provides value to our clients and our in-house team.”

In addition to regular check-ins with InnoVint’s expert technical winemakers, Ben is quick to jump on InnoVint’s new features like the 3D tank maps!

Lakewood’s Head Winemaker, Chris Stamp, has started tracking blends with InnoVint leading to accuracy and streamlined billing. With all the time saved, the team says they won’t be going back to those old billing excel sheets any time soon!


Save Time, Save Money

Level up your productivity with a single source of truth for everything happening at your winery.

Take InnoVint with you everywhere and anywhere to gut-check your decision-making. Vineyard, cellar, lab, on vacation… it’s there for you.