Makers story

Mending Wall Makes the Right Call to Reduce Errors and Future-Proof Their Operation

Samplings of wine produced: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Sirah
Before InnoVInt

Mending Wall was a new state-of-the-art winery on the Silverado Trail in Napa opening up in 2014. The winemaking team, under the leadership of Thomas Brown, was determined to implement the best technology to run the facility.

Tim Beranek, Winemaker, wanted to be able to run their own winemaking as well as have access to the AP inventory under management. This created a complex workflow site of internal and external fruit sourcing, operations, and compliance.

Most compelling features:

  • Harvest intern accessibility with mobile app
  • Weight tag generation and fruit processing
  • AP client management
  • ETS integration

After InnoVint

Optimized Workflow from Block to Bottle

Today, AP inventory is clearly defined and streamlined, 3rd party consultants have access as needed, and the team onsite runs like an oiled machine.

Value Realized

  • Reduced errors and increased accountability with Interns managing daily harvest activities digitally
  • Digital records for complete harvest operational workflow digitized vs. on paper and spreadsheets
  • Direct import of all samples processed through ETS
  • Real-time single source of inventory truth

Save Time, Save Money

Level up your productivity with a single source of truth for everything happening at your winery.

Take InnoVint with you everywhere and anywhere to gut-check your decision-making. Vineyard, cellar, lab, on vacation… it’s there for you.