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Melka Relies on InnoVint for His World-class Consulting Firm

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InnoVint started working with Maayan Koschitzky and the team at Atelier Melka in 2015 and currently uses the software at over 10 locations, which includes larger custom crush facilities and ultra-premium alternating proprietors and custom crush clients.

The Challenge

No Single Reference for Client Production Data

Information across clients was segmented and disjointed. Atelier Melka desired a central hub for their winemaking records that could be shared with clients if needed.

After InnoVint

Full Transparency Across Client Set

Now utilizing InnoVint, all client data is viewable for Melka’s team with each member’s consulting login. Production data is easy to enter in just a few clicks, by Melka’s team or the client, and is quickly referenceable from the vineyard, deep in the cellar, or even on a sales trip during overseas research travels.

Clients and consultants have real-time visibility into the state of the cellar at any point in time!


Save Time, Save Money

Level up your productivity with a single source of truth for everything happening at your winery.

Take InnoVint with you everywhere and anywhere to gut-check your decision-making. Vineyard, cellar, lab, on vacation… it’s there for you.