How to Destress This Harvest Season

Harvest is a stressful time of year for everyone in and around wine production. You’re getting all your ducks in a row before those grapes arrive! You may be asking yourself: How do I make sure I’m prepared? That my team is engaged and mistakes and unnecessary work is minimized?

The answer, in one word: organization. The more organized you are, the smoother the season will be, the lower stress and more balanced and fulfilled team members you’ll have.

One great way to get organized is to pass off the burden of managing day-to-day workflow and harvest data. How you ask? Meet InnoVint, the best harvest partner you’ll find. InnoVint’s wine production software will manage your data and workflows to make your life so much easier.

Consider having a resource for all this:

Leading up to Harvest

Vineyard Block Tracking

Easily report on all your vineyard maturity data and schedule harvest dates, planning incoming fruit at your winery


Fruit Cost Tracking

Know your true costs, starting with setting your fruit costs prior to harvest, and add in other direct and overhead costs as the season continues. You can even feed this cost data directly from grape contracts.

Harvest Is Here!

Automatic Generation of Weigh Tags

Free up one person at the scale and start operating more efficiently when receiving fruit. InnoVint’s wine production software creates and stores all of your digital weigh tags. Have your forklift operator use a tablet to generate weigh tags while unloading and weighing fruit.

Real-Time Fermentation Reporting

Reporting on all of your fermenting lots at the click of a button. No more chasing down the clipboard with all the fermentation data, you can view your data from anywhere.

Capacity Planning and Vessel Tracking

Easily find all of your empty vessels and even see what work orders are planned for them. This will eliminate double booking of tanks and give you access to all of your vessel allocations in real-time. Heck, even scan the QR code label for instant visibility on the cellar floor.

ETS Results Get Pushed Directly

Your ETS lab results will automatically appear in InnoVint, no more redundant data entry from ETS records to your record-keeping system. Do you use a different external lab or have an internal lab to run the analysis? You can automatically upload those files as well for direct import.

Full Traceability of Additives

Chances are you’re making more adds during harvest than other times of the year. No more stressing about whether or not your interns documented the crazy long batch numbers. Have full traceability of each of your additives, when it was added, who added it, and it’s fully-compliant if the FDA comes knocking on your door.

TTB 5120.17 Report Auto-Complete

You will never have to worry about manually filing this report out again! Autofill your TTB 5120.17 report to save time, stress and money. InnoVint will generate your report at the push of a button.

The Power of the Mobile App!

Manage harvest data and work orders directly from your phone or tablet with our wine production software! Entering Brix & Temp readings directly will eliminate redundancies and make the fermentation data instantly reportable to your entire team. Open mobile app, scan the vessel you want to record data on, record the data. Voila! No more wet and stained papers coming back to your desk to decipher and enter into your spreadsheet.

Vintage Variability Reporting

Report on yield variability per block from one vintage to the next, understanding seasonal fluctuations and how they’ve impacted your production.

We guarantee it’s not too late to get InnoVint! You can be up and running with our wine production software in a few days, honestly. It’s the easiest onboarding process you’ll ever go through.

Let us prove it to you. Contact us today to set up a demo and see for yourself.