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The InnoVint Client Experience and Why It Matters

From the desk of Karissa Moreno, Client Solutions & Product Specialist at InnoVint

At InnoVint, we strive to deliver the best experience to our winery software clients. This experience includes everything from interacting directly with team members to how our software platform is used on a daily basis.

It’s not enough to provide an intuitive and innovative winery software solution that can track the winemaking process. And it’s not enough to have online help documents and friendly, knowledgeable client support representatives (although it helps!).

The InnoVint Client Experience Team is entirely focused on the overall client journey. Here is how our team is able to provide an excellent experience for all our clients.

We understand winemaking

Our Client Experience (CX) Team is made up of experienced wine professionals. With backgrounds in enology, winemaking, and production management, we’ve put in our time on the cellar floor, in the vineyards, in the lab, and at the winemaking desk. We’ve felt the stress and pressures of harvest, the exhaustion of long bottling days, frustrations with government compliance reports, etc. So when client winemakers come to us for guidance or with a request, we understand the struggle (and the time-sensitivity!) and work toward real solutions.

We place a high value on client feedback

The future of InnoVint and our winery management software is guided by the needs and wants of our clients and the continuing evolution of the industry. Our CX team is committed to – some might even say ‘obsessed’ with – production workflow efficiencies, the elimination of errors (whether on the cellar floor or with data entry), and the overall improvement of wine quality. If there is anything InnoVint can do to improve the quality of life for our clients, we want to hear about it!

We are great translators

Winemaking has its own language. And so does software – aka “geek speak.” Our CX team understands the terminology winemakers use and are able to translate that to our development team to ensure that our winery software continues to be an intuitive solution that follows the production workflow.

We are enthusiastic advocates

As mentioned before, our CX team is a group of passionate wine-production professionals. We use that passion, and genuine love of winemaking, to advocate for our clients and their needs. We facilitate the necessary conversations within our company to effect change and improvement. InnoVint’s CX team is positioned to gather the feedback we receive from our clients – what is overwhelmingly successful and what might need a few tweaks – and share that with our company on a regular, ongoing basis. We’re never done improving our platform!

Our clients don’t just use our winery management software product, they become part of the evolution of our company and the software itself. We are positioned at the intersection of two exciting and innovative industries – wine and technology, and the InnoVint Client Experience Team is here to help our clients navigate those roads with ease and confidence.

Contact our team today to find out how our winery management software can save you time and streamline your processes.

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