Accessing Vineyard Information Anywhere, Anytime

The vines are sensing the advent of Spring. Whether we’re ready for it or not, they’re gearing up to produce our next vintage.

With bud break upon us, it’s time to start monitoring this year’s growing season. Want to empower your growers and/or viticulture team to capture timely and critical block information throughout the season? So do we! InnoVint enables that with intuitive, accessible vineyard tracking software that ties directly into winery management software for your production team.

Here are 6 growing season events best tracked and monitored with InnoVint:

1) It’s expensive to grow or purchase fruit! That’s why grape contracts and farming costs are critical to measure, capture and report on for raw goods costing.

2) Phenological events can start to be tracked and compared to last year. When does budbreak happen in each block? How about bloom and then fruit set? How does this compare to this block last year, and historical averages? Visualize all this on a block-by-block basis with InnoVint:

3) You may also want to observe other vineyard events and applications. Did we irrigate this year? If so, when and how much? How often did we spray? Did we drop fruit?

4) Crop estimations can start anytime. Winemaking must ensure they have enough capacity and barrels on hand to take on the incoming vintage!

5) Once veraison hits and the berries begin to plump, we’re now looking at maturity tracking. Start checking those Brix readings, pH, and TA to get a feel for ripening and expected harvest dates.

6) Last but not least: harvest planning. Now you can start scheduling incoming fruit to forecast expected tonnage to receive per day visualized on a calendar or in a table:

The single best thing you can do to capture full traceability from grape to bottle is to implement InnoVint’s vineyard tracking and winery management software. We tie all your most important data together to provide wineries with a single source of truth for vineyard block and cellar activity, inventory management, production cost analysis, reporting, compliance, and more!

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