Maximize Your Winery’s Success by Uniting Your Team

By Ashley Leonard, Founder and CEO

The premise is simple: the best software solutions are the ones that fuel the business’ success and the success of its people. Winery management software is not just a place to house data, but a tool that should provide unity, clarity, and transparency across the entire organization. It amazes me how many solutions still miss the mark on this.

InnoVint has always prioritized what solves our client’s greatest problems and what makes the biggest difference. We’re often operating on the ground level with our clients, deep in the trenches of continual improvement to provide the best user experience, but behind the scenes, we are working on much larger initiatives that fuel our higher mission: to help wineries run their businesses effectively to maximize success.

How have we embodied this priority thus far? By bringing teams together that are often siloed from one another. For example,

  • Viticulturists and grower relations unite with winemaking by way of our Advanced Vineyard Tracking module, allowing for instant access to each growing season, expected fruit cost and crop yields.
  • Finance teams have instant visibility to production cost information with the Costing feature, which captures the true cost of a wine, allowing for more accurate margin analysis and investment justification.
  • Custom crush providers grant direct InnoVint access to their clients with the Custom Crush Permissions feature, saving them dozens of hours a week by simplifying communication and streamlining workflows.
  • Seasonal interns connect with their managers with mobile app engagement, allowing for real-time data input at the source and the elimination of back-office data entry.

Access to reliable, real-time data for production planning, financial reporting, and business optics is critical to running a successful winery business. Our future lies in building upon this foundation. InnoVint continues to invest in our clients, not only by way of product developments but more importantly, with one another, facilitating avenues to share best practices and operational wins with one another.

We love this industry, and every day we spend working with our fabulous winery management software clients is a day well spent. Each partnership helps us tailor our product to better serve the winegrowing community, and we look forward to continuing to improve winery success.

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