Putting the “Inno” in Innovation

The leading winery management software just keeps getting better and better. InnoVint is more streamlined, flexible, and always winemaker-centric.

innovint app screens

So, What's Going On at InnoVint?

The InnoVint team is hard at work, constantly making changes and improving our product based on conversations with our awesome winery clients. Wineries need technology that enable them to work from anywhere, supporting them through every operational twist and turn. That’s where we come in.

InnoVint is changing the game, so come along as we explore what’s new with modern winemaking.

Even More Flexibility

Oh, you’ve been doing yoga? Well, we’ve been stretching too, and we’d like to flex for a minute and show off our cool new mobile experience.

winery mobility

With the InnoVint mobile app, winery teams can have up-to-date information from any device, yes that includes iOS and Android!

App users can enter vineyard and winery analyses and actions offline, and they will automatically upload when you are back online. You can ensure that your winery team has the valuable data they need right from their back pocket.

We’ve also injected a bit of fun in the design because hey, who said your software has to be boring? 

No really who was it? Who hurt you?

Putting the “Good” in Goods Management

Tired of managing your case goods inventory in Excel? Ready to clean up that sheet show?

Case Goods

Good news! You can capture and manage all your bottled product inventory (or canned or kegged or whatever packaging format you desire) within InnoVint.

Save time and centralize your data by tracking each SKU depletion, knowing your real-time on-hand inventory, how much was transferred to your DTC vs. distribution channels, and be able to close out your TTB reporting.

What about packaging depletions, you ask?

We’ve got your packaging and additive needs covered with the Dry Goods Explorer. Easily manage all supplies so you never run out, while carrying the cost through to the wine as you use it. Even apply it to shiners post-bottling!

Oh, and most importantly, remain compliant the whole way!

Dry Goods

Reporting for Duty

Yeah, we’ve got a report for that.

man on ipad with tank availability

Dive into our reporting options and we continue to provide you with more ways to slice and dice your data.

  • InnoVint’s new Additives Report & Explorer closes the inventory management loop. Gain transparency into that black box and finally see where all that inventory goes, and how the costs get distributed.
  • Along with filling in the TTB 5120.17, InnoVint has released a TTB audit report to provide a detailed list that contributed to the reported values.
  • The NEW Roll Forward Report is a new way of viewing the costs that were added and removed from bulk inventory during your reporting period.
  • New Custom Analysis Reports for tracking analyses on individual vessels, not just lots.
  • Using Lodi Wine Labs? We’ve partnered with them to make your life as a winemaker easier. You can now track samples and view results easily in their lab analysis portal powered by InnoVint.
  • Pull in your revenue numbers to report on wine profitability with the WinePulse integration.

Fresh and Clean

Simple and powerful, not overpowering. 

InnoVint has the cleanest interface around with impressive search functionality and quick action buttons right from the title bar. Last year we also added:

  • Left-hand navigation for ease of use on smaller screens and browsers
  • Enhanced iPad display for left to right viewing of larger feature screens
  • Extra lot colors for easier viewing. Add red, white, rosé, and even orange! Users can also filter by color, pretty cool!
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The 2022 Product Roadmap

What about the future of InnoVint you ask? 

Well, we are always releasing new updates and leading the way in winery technology. Hear from our Product Manager, Maggie Manteuffel, who explains why we do what we do and what you can look for this next year and beyond.


Awesome Clients Deserve Special Treatment

Learning a new system can be intimidating, so we try to make it as simple as possible to understand key concepts. InnoVint is there for you during onboarding and the team also hosts monthly training sessions for all of our amazing clients.

We want our software to work for you and solve your biggest issues around the winery