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New Mobile Experience Offers Offline Functionality

Dubbed as InnoVint’s new Mobile Experience, this revolutionary software is among the first of its kind to operate without an internet connection.  This allows winemakers to access its full functionality from any location, no matter how remote.

“As grapegrowers and winemakers, you need access to your production information from anywhere, which often means distant vineyards and deep winery caves and cellars,” explains Ashley DuBois Leonard, InnoVint Founder, and CEO.

DuBois Leonard points out that the Mobile Experience is multi-platform, working seamlessly with Android and iOS technologies. She emphasizes that the software allows the user to easily switch from multiple devices, maintaining its functionality whether on or offline.

“You don’t have to wait for those spinners to load,” Leonard asserts. “Your data is already saved on your device.”

In addition to a fun, fresh take on the App’s Design, the new InnoVint Mobile Experience is designed to integrate with the company’s acclaimed Vineyard Tracking and Vineyard Management software modules, allowing for superior in-field tracking capability.


The new Mobile Experience also incorporates improved technology for vessel scanning, enabling the user to quickly identify the juice or wine in tank or barrel through a barcode scanned with the mobile device camera. “The vessel scanning function builds on the current ability to see the chemistry of juice or wine, to group barrels, and to add or remove them in a work order,” DuBois Leonard confirms.

Noting that the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the process of mobile development across many industries, DuBois Leonard says that the InnoVint app comes directly from identifying customer needs.

“We try to combine every piece of advice or suggestion we receive from our clientele with our software expertise to modify and improve our applications for our industry,” DuBois Leonard declares. “We’re bringing our best-of-breed SaaS technology to winemakers not just to ensure their success for tomorrow, but for five and ten years from now so that we can all stay ahead of the curve.”

InnoVint reported healthy economic growth over the last 12 months despite the challenges presented by Covid. The company has doubled the size of its team and ramped up its investments in mobile technology.

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