InnoVint Unveils InnoApp: Mobile Technology to Transform Wine Production Management

After a decade of pioneering the first mobile app for wine production, InnoVint, the industry’s leading winemaking software, unveils its most innovative application yet: InnoApp.

InnoApp offers winemakers real-time data, intuitive work order functionalities, and a speedy barrel scanning system even while offline.

“We’re not just integrating technology into winemaking; we’re revolutionizing the way vineyards and wineries operate. With InnoApp, we’ve synthesized a decade of learning and user feedback to craft an app that truly embodies the needs of the modern winemaker.”

Dan Strengier, InnoVint’s CTO

Among its standout features, InnoApp includes an industry-first technology that offers full offline support. This allows winery teams to download their work orders for the day and complete them even in areas with limited or no internet access. Once reconnected, the data is automatically synchronized across all devices, ensuring that operations run smoothly under all network conditions.

After a successful Beta launch in 2022, InnoApp has already received a wave of positive feedback from wine industry professionals:

“We like the mobile app to get real-time data in the cellar. Ease of writing work orders. Ability to work with different facilities under one account with a simple drop-down. The support from IV is head and shoulders above anything else in the industry.”

Steve R., BOXT

“InnoVint has been a great addition to my winery. We have the QR tags from InnoVint, and I can scan them with my phone to tell exactly what is in the barrel and how long it’s been there!”

Emily P., Eagle Harbor Wine Company

“I love to be able to see inventory and changes on my phone, no matter where I am in the world.”

Andrew Murray, Andrew Murray Vineyards

“I like the ability to send work orders via the app to the cellar crew, eliminating paper work orders.”

Richard M., Rio Grande Winery

InnoApp’s Key Features Include:

  • Offline Capability – Immerse yourself in vineyard or cellar work, confident that your data will sync once you reconnect.
  • Enhanced Work Order Flows – Navigate winemaking operations with a friendly interface optimized for user-friendliness.
  • Universal Device Compatibility – Whether you’re team iOS or Android, InnoApp plays nice with everyone.
  • High-Speed Barrel Scanning – Your mobile camera is now a barrel scanner, ensuring you never miss a barrel during operations.
  • Comprehensive Work Order Support – From fruit processing to bottling.

“InnoApp breaks down barriers to productivity. With the offline functionality, winery teams can work without limitations. This app is about empowerment and resilience, all bundled in a sleek, user-friendly package.”

Dan Strengier, InnoVint’s CTO

The launch of InnoApp comes at a crucial time, as the harvest season approaches for many in the northerm hemisphere. InnoApp promises to eliminate traditional paper-based hassles, reducing errors and offering real-time insights into production status. This shift not only streamlines workflows but also enhances communication among winery team members.

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