TTB Compliance

Every producer of wine or hard cider is required to report their bulk operations to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The Report of Wine Premises Operations (Form 5120.17, previously called the 702) requires immaculate tracking of all movements and associated volume gains and losses for each tax class for each bond. It's near impossible to manage this with spreadsheets! If you are, you're likely spending far too much time and effort making sense of your production notes, and, let's be honest, fudging a few numbers here and there.

Let InnoVint Tackle Your TTB Reporting

By simply managing your winemaking with InnoVint, your gains and losses are automatically captured as you record your activities. When it’s time to submit the TTB Form 5120.17, it’s just a few clicks in InnoVint and the form is exported to a PDF pre-populated with your winery’s activities by tax class.
Effortless TTB Compliance

Automatically generate TTB reports from your activity data. Pop-ups alert of potential compliance issues when recording wine movements.

Tax Class Declarations

Need to declare all your wines post-harvest? No problem. View and declare your wines while referencing recent alcohol readings in a single report.

InnoVint's Winery Management Software:

  • Exports your data onto the actual, editable TTB form

  • Supports multiple bonds at a single location

  • Supports monthly, quarterly, or annual reporting periods

  • Supports multiple locations under the same organization

  • Creates pop-up notifications to alert of potential compliance issues

  • Allows for editing and backdating of tax class declarations

  • Allows your compliance team to run the report themselves!

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