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Winery Crafts High-Quality Sparkling Wine with InnoVint

Founded in 2015, Carboy Winery, located in Colorado, USA, has been revolutionizing the local winemaking scene by championing Colorado viticulture and crafting terroir-driven wines that express the unique characteristics of the region. Initially operating as a négociant winery working with non-local growers, Carboy pivoted to focus on local grape varietals in 2017. This transition has proven incredibly successful, making Carboy one of the largest wine producers in Colorado.

A key aspect of their growth and success has been their adoption of the InnoVint platform for streamlining their production process.

“When we first launched we utilized a different system to track all data and it’s been very rewarding to work with InnoVint. It’s just so much more efficient and streamlined.” – Tyzok, Carboy Winery

Listen in as Ashley DuBois Leonard, CEO and Founder of InnoVint sits down with Jason Snopkoski, Director of Wine Operations, and Tyzok Wharton, Head Winemaker as they share about their history and sparkling journey.

The Challenge

As Carboy Winery rapidly expanded, they faced the daunting challenge of managing their growth while ensuring consistent quality across their product line.

Their initial method for tracking data was inefficient and unable to keep up with the scale of their operation. Moreover, as they shifted their focus to producing sparkling wines, they needed a solution to manage the complexities of both Charmat and Méthode champenoise production methods. They also needed a reliable method to keep track of all the stages involved, from grape harvesting to bottling.

Key Pain Points:
  • Efficiency in Data Tracking: Carboy Winery had difficulties in tracking production data due to inefficient methods, posing a problem in managing their growing operation.
  • Management of Rapid Expansion: Carboy experienced rapid growth and expansion to multiple locations, which was challenging to manage effectively.
  • Production Process Complexity: The winery faced challenges in managing the intricacies of both Charmat and Méthode champenoise production methods, which required thorough tracking and precise execution.
  • National Market Penetration: Carboy Winery aimed to extend their reach beyond Colorado, which required a robust production and distribution plan.

After InnoVint

Carboy Winery turned to InnoVint, a winery management software provider. According to Tyzok Wharton, the head winemaker at Carboy, working with InnoVint proved to be a highly rewarding experience. The InnoVint platform offered a streamlined and efficient solution for tracking data and managing their winemaking processes. It helped them stay organized and on top of their production, which was essential as they expanded to four locations in four years. Moreover, InnoVint’s team was highly receptive to feedback and open to making improvements, further enhancing the software’s value to Carboy.

Value Realized:
  • Improved Efficiency: With InnoVint, Carboy Winery was able to streamline their production process, allowing the team to focus more on their craft and less on administrative tasks.
  • Effective Growth Management: The InnoVint platform helped Carboy ensure consistency in production and quality across all their sites.
  • Enhanced Production Processes: Utilizing InnoVint’s solution allowed Carboy to successfully manage the complexities of producing both Charmat and Méthode champenoise sparkling wines, improving their production capabilities.

The efficiency gained with InnoVint allowed the team to focus more on their craft and less on administrative tasks. As a result, they have been able to create a sparkling wine program with three different tiers, plan for a potential national brand, and experiment with various grape varietals.

With InnoVint’s support, Carboy Winery has maintained their growth trajectory while delivering a high-quality product. The winery now ships to over 38 states, expanding their reach beyond Colorado, and their wine club membership is now nationwide. This story of Carboy Winery demonstrates how the right tools can help businesses manage growth effectively, improve production processes, and expand their reach in the market.

A Bump in the Road: Switching to Another Solution and Returning to InnoVint

In early 2022, Carboy Winery made the decision to switch from InnoVint to a competitor, which promised an end-to-end solution covering front-of-house operations and sales/inventory management.

However, Carboy quickly discovered that it could not meet its specific production needs effectively. So in September 2022, they switched back to InnoVint after realizing, once again, the value InnoVint brought to their operations. The return of Carboy Winery to the InnoVint platform serves as a testament to the platform’s robust features, intuitive user experience, and commitment to continuous improvements that directly address the needs of wineries.


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