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The Wine Foundry Saves 32.5 Hours per Week

The Wine Foundry, acclaimed for their mastery of small-lot, ultra-premium quality winemaking, is the custodian of over 25 alternating proprietorships and custom crush clients, along with their in-house brands. Sourcing from some of California’s most renowned vineyards, predominantly in the Napa Valley, their wines regularly exceed $100 per bottle in the retail market.

Wine production software is at the center of their day-to-day operations. As a custom crush provider, they need intuitive solutions to track daily activities at their facility while providing clients with the ability to create their own work orders and reports, in compliance with state and federal laws.

The Challenge

Overcoming Technological Stagnation

The Wine Foundry started out with AMS Wine Production Software, shifting to Vintrace in 2016. However, within two years, Vintrace’s inflexibility and limitations became a roadblock to their growing operations. This forced the Production Winemaker, Jeremy Weiss, to resort to emails and text messages for client communications, consequently leading to the time-consuming transcription of these exchanges into work orders.

Driven by a need for modernization, General Manager Steve Ryan and Production Winemaker Jeremy Weiss initiated a hunt for an innovative, web-based, and user-friendly software solution.

Their checklist:
  • Real-time client access
  • Digital work orders with pre-formatted templates
  • Ability for clients to write their own work orders
  • Streamlined data input for analyses and activities
  • Intuitive interfaces and hassle-free reporting
  • Forward-thinking technology


Despite an extensive evaluation process, most platforms fell short of The Wine Foundry’s custom crush model’s needs or failed to keep pace with industry trends. Then, they discovered InnoVint.

Value Realized:
  • Powerful import technology to seamlessly migrate data, without disrupting operations
  • The User-friendly interface would eliminate the need for a part-time assistant winemaker and significantly reduce miscommunications with clients.
  • Tools like harvest-planning calendars and advanced fermentation tracking would give the team a bird’s-eye view of their operations.

After InnoVint

“We have quantified it as an average of 32.5 hours per week saved]between the reduction of part-time personnel and time freed up from responding to calls and emails. We chose to reinvest these savings into the business in order to improve wine quality and client services.” – Steve Ryan, General Manager

Thanks to InnoVint’s powerful import technology, The Wine Foundry could migrate their data from their old system into InnoVint without skipping a beat.

“There were fewer mistakes or miscommunications to and from clients, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in the time we spent handling clients as opposed to handling their wines”– Steve Ryan, General Manager

Key Achievements:
  • The software eliminated the need for a part-time assistant winemaker by automating many time-consuming tasks.
  • Custom crush clients were granted direct system access, reducing excessive communication and streamlining the production process.
  • Clients now have the capability to generate their own compliance reports and monitor cellar activities in real time, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

InnoVint’s tools, from harvest-planning calendars to advanced fermentation tracking, provided the team with an overarching view of operations, enabling them to make critical decisions on the go. Their workflow was transformed, productivity soared, and client engagement deepened. With InnoVint, The Wine Foundry found a solution that not only resolved their immediate needs but also provided a vision for the future.


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