Ditch The Sheet Show For Modern Winery Software

When InnoVint first arrived on the scene, the cacophony of technology used to run winery operations was baffling. Stacks of paper, intricate spreadsheets, and clunky databases were the norm. The tech challenges of winemaking inspired us at InnoVint to create a more refined, modern software solution.

We like to joke that a pencil, whiteboard, and Excel are our main rivals. While we’ve seen some incredible Excel spreadsheets, they’re also fragile, often tied to one person, and lead to inconsistencies and confusion.

  • What if the spreadsheet mastermind leaves?
  • What do you do when your whiteboards and notebooks have conflicting and stale information compared to the spreadsheet?
  • Where’s your source of truth?

Uh, Is That Windows 95?

Before we built InnoVint, we looked at the other production software solutions. Unfortunately, many of these software tools were built using rudimentary development ideologies, back when web application technology was immature. Product Design, User Experience, and Visual Aesthetics were often underdeveloped. As a result, few applications from this time are still seeing new growth today.

We aren’t using Windows 95 anywhere — but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at the current landscape of the winery production software. Here is what Windows 95 looks like:

Now look at a few screenshots from other (unnamed) wine production systems:

Most of these systems feel like they were ripped out of 1995. Software has changed drastically over the last 30 years, and anything built in the ’90s is obsolete.

  • Why does it make sense to continue to use winery management software that is prone to security risks, limited (or expensive) updates, and performance issues?

Defining Modern Software: The InnoVint Advantage

Winery management software shouldn’t be a headache or difficult to use. It should be:

  • User-Friendly: Good software blends advanced technology with intuitive design. It’s about creating an enjoyable user experience, encouraging widespread adoption and reliable data.
  • Adaptable: Modern software should mirror your workflow, not dictate it. It fits seamlessly into your winemaking process, not the other way around.
  • Interactive: It provides rich, compelling data visualization, making insights more accessible and actionable.
  • Integrated: It harnesses state-of-the-art technologies, including GPS mapping, push notifications, 3D modeling, AI, and more. At InnoVint, we ensure our platform can integrate these tools for a seamless experience.
  • Future-proof: Modern software uses the latest libraries, like the Javascript UI library used by Google and Facebook, ensuring speed, interactivity, and future readiness.
  • Open APIs: InnoVint is unique in offering 100% open APIs, creating opportunities for custom software development around your winery account.
  • Fast and Efficient: Modern software should be swift, responsive, and able to meet your needs.
app screens

If your winery software is slowing you down, it’s time to consider switching to software designed for the modern era. Let InnoVint help you bring your winery operations into the 21st century.

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