Easily optimize your vessel management in real-time on the floor using InnoVint’s system for wine barrel tracking. Through the use of QR code stickers on the vessel, a quick scan using your mobile phone yields details on the contents, activity history, analytical details, and easy data entry.

Increase your cellar efficiency by scanning vessels with the InnoVint Cellar mobile app

You can scan barrels as they are filled in an open work order, scan a fermenting tank to enter a Brix reading, and easily retrieve the contents of a breakdown vessel. The QR code label stays with the vessel for the entirety of its life in your cellar, making it easy to keep track of that vessel’s history.

How it works

QR code labels are generated through the InnoVint wine inventory software, are printed on your standard office printer, and can be scanned using your smartphone or tablet’s camera with the InnoVint wine inventory app. Labels can be re-printed at any time and for any reason. The QR code generation and tracking is included with the InnoVint software and does not require any additional hardware or software.

  • Scan using your smartphone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Export labels to PDF to print on templates with multiple label size options

  • Camera flashlight allows for scanning in low light

  • QR codes scan well even in dirty, wet environments

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