InnoVint Recognized as a Leader in Barrel Tracking by Wine Business Monthly

In the August 2019 issue of Wine Business Monthly, InnoVint was listed as a leading provider of barrel tracking systems that cater to small wineries.

According to a survey conducted by Wine Business Monthly (WBM), only 9% of small wineries and 35% of medium to large wineries have a barrel barcoding system in use for tracking the contents of their barrels. The article states that many wineries are still using the tedious barrel tracking method that employs pen and paper tracking, later converting them to massive spreadsheets that must be maintained by one individual. This is consistent with what the experts at InnoVint are seeing in the winemaking industry and are striving to help winemakers move away from.

Barrel tracking is one of the easy-to-use features of InnoVint’s boutique winery software that is helping small wineries to streamline their processes and recoup the time spent manually tracking barrel contents. Founder and CEO of InnoVint, Ashley Dubois Leonard states that her goal with creating the winery software is to “take out the grunt work and ‘enable the people in the winery to do their best work.’”

As stated in the article, “InnoVint was designed so that the customer can start using it with only minimal onboarding and training, and without the need for expensive hand-held scanners.” For many smaller wineries, the ability to use a phone as a scanner rather than investing in hand-held scanners can save them thousands of dollars.

An InnoVint customer and winemaker for Davis Estates, Jordan Jeffries was mentioned in the WBM article discussing the boutique winery software as “user-friendly and intuitive.” Jeffries also stated, “It’s very easy to figure out what the buttons do. You can teach yourself, and you don’t have to walk back to your desk to re-enter data.” The fact that he didn’t need to buy any special hardware, like scanners, was another selling feature for Jeffries.

“Jeffries loves how much data entry time InnoVint’s barrel management system eliminated, noting, ‘I don’t have to rearrange a large Excel spreadsheet every time I fill or empty,’ which frees up a significant amount of time for tasting, blending and quality control. As he walks through the winery to taste barrel samples, he can see all of a barrel’s wine information on his iPhone.” (Wine Business Monthly)

Another customer of InnoVint and general manager/partner at Sugarloaf Crush, Ronald Du Preez was also interviewed for the article in WBM. He stated that he had future plans for the boutique winery software’s vessel tagging system to get a precise location on a barrel in his facility. Using the barrel tracking feature will make it easy for Du Preez to locate barrels and will eliminate time spent trying to locate lost barrels, according to the article. Before implementing InnoVint’s software at his custom crush facility, Du Preez was using physical cards on barrels and spending a lot of time entering data into Excel spreadsheets.

Read the full feature on InnoVint in this excerpt from the Wine Business Monthly article.

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