InnoVint Feature Release 2/18/2016

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce the release of 3 new feature in InnoVint: Delete Non-Movement Actions, Change Vessel Capacity, and CSV Export of All Reports, Lot analyses, and the Lot Explorer.

Delete Non-Movement Actions

All non-movement actions (Analysis, Addition, Custom Action, Pumpover, Punchdown, Delestage, and Stir) can now be individually deleted in multiple places in the system. This is a great solution to use if an analyses was entered incorrectly or a date was wrong on an action. To see the details about where and how to delete these actions, check out the Help Docs:

Change Vessel Capacity

You can change the capacity of any vessel you have in the system, whether it currently has contents or not. This is a great tool if the capacity was originally entered incorrectly. To find out how to change your vessel’s capacity, visit the Help Docs page:

CSV Export

You can export all Reports, Analyses, and the Lot Explorer to CSV for viewing or printing. All Reports are included: the Ferm Log, the Ferm Work Order Generator (filled out or blank), ML/RS, VA/FSO2, and Fruit Intake. You can also Export Analyses under the “All Analyses in a List” on the Analysis section of the Lot Details Page.


The InnoVint Team