InnoVint Feature Release 12/11/2015

Happy Friday InnoVint Users,

I am writing to inform everyone we have two new features in InnoVint: Vintage Filtering in Reporting and Export Analyses.

Vintage filtering in the ML/RS and VA/FSO2 Reports: Sort the lots you can see in these reports by vintage. You can narrow down results in each of these reports by selecting a single vintage from the drop down list. As before, you can still view all lots in the selected stages at once if no specific vintage is chosen.

All lots containing any wine from the vintage selected will appear.

Analyses Export: Export your analyses from the Lot Details Page to CSV. You can choose to export all analyses readings on a lot, or filter for a specific set using the Analysis box above the readings and entering in the analyses you wish to see.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact Ashley ( or myself with any questions.

Best regards,
The InnoVint Team

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