Get to Know InnoVint: Ariane Rizzo

Ariane Rizzo, Client Success Manager

Ariane is our Client Success Manager, with an extensive background in custom crush facility management. She came to us after working for nearly a decade at a large custom crush facility in Washington, and successfully as General Manager for several of those years!

What’s your favorite part about working directly with each of our winery clients?

First of all, I love being on the front lines when clients have that, “A Ha” moment. My favorite is when they say, ” oh wow, that was easy!”

Second, getting to know wine brands and teams from outside the area where I live is quite rewarding and often educational. I really appreciate the reach that InnoVint has across so many winegrowing regions.

How did you get into wine/wine production management?

Winemaking was my first stop on the “what-job-can-I-do-that’s-different” train 🤔. Right away, I was lucky enough to match with the perfect winery for me and, due to wonderful mentors, thought-provoking custom crush clients, and a lot of hard work, I was fortunate to move up the ladder quickly – from harvest intern to General Manager in under 3 years. It’s safe to say, I love the noise and seeming chaos of the cellar, but I love it more when it’s running like a well-oiled machine. 😉

What wines or wine regions are really exciting to you right now?

I’ll always advocate for Walla Walla, where I got my start, and let’s face it, most of my cellar is from Walla Walla or the Columbia Valley. But currently, I’m interested in digging into other domestic producers, such as wines from New York, Texas, and Michigan.

How has your knowledge of winemaking grown since working with InnoVint?

InnoVint has afforded me the opportunity to learn about production styles that I was less familiar with, such as Sparkling wine, cider, and fruit wines. It’s also expanded my knowledge of TTB compliance due to working with a variety of styles.

If you could host anyone for dinner (living or dead), who would it be?

I should say some revered historical figure or winemaking legend, but….I’m going to say Joan Rivers instead. Besides the obvious comedy, she was an entertainer who remained at the top of her field for decades. She meticulously cataloged all her jokes and prepared like a mad-woman. She made it look easy, and I’m intrigued. Plus, I’m a bit of a pop culture junkie and she feeds right into that.

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