Do Custom Crush Clients REALLY Know What’s Going On?

I recently had a very timely discussion with a frustrated custom crush winery client. They are a grower and have been with the same winemaker and winemaking facility for years. Unfortunately, they are close to reaching a breaking point and switching facilities. Why? Because they have not been given any visibility into the processing details of their wines.  This got me thinking…

Is this a shared frustration? I remember as a custom crush winery years ago I was often in the dark. It took an email or two, a phone call, and often walking the cellar reading barrel cards to get any information on the status of our lots.  But, at that time, I didn’t know any better. I was unaware of a solution that solved this problem. By no means do I blame the winemaking team for this lack of data exchange. They are swamped as it is managing their own lots plus lots of others. They’re working hard enough to merely maintain proper compliance documentation for their own record-keeping.

Today, how do these bonded host facilities provide lot status updates to their clients, and how often? If you have a personal experience to share with us, we would love to hear it: Your case study will help us to provide the best solution that directly addresses your current custom crush needs. I challenge you to challenge us!

Cheers to an amazing, game-changing 2014.

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