How Much Is Each Wine Costing You To Make?

Tracking accurate winery COGS is near impossible without software doing it for you, distributing and following costs as winemaking activity gets recorded.

With InnoVint, tracking COGS is almost effortless. We manage all your winemaking activity, so you finally have granular, real-time visibility into your actual production costs by lot, broken down by cost category.

Why Use the COGS Tracking Module?

Grant your accountant direct access to manage COGS entries, saving not only time but money if you use an external accounting firm.

Timesaver for Winemakers

De-burdens the winemaker from having to provide accounting with detailed production information on a regular basis.

Simplifies Accountant Workflow

Eliminates the need for complex costing spreadsheets that attempt to model winemaking.

Greater Accuracy

Know exactly what cost centers were the largest expense contributors.

Reconcile With Ease

Whether you use Quickbooks, another accounting software, or an ERP, we show you how to reconcile COGS, so it鈥檚 quick and easy.聽

Our team will empower your accountant to finally feel confident about unit costs!

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鈥淚nnoVint鈥檚 Winery COGS Tracking is a game changer! I can easily reconcile InnoVint with QuickBooks to know exactly how much each bottle of wine cost me. I鈥檓 using this insight to refine production, adapt and focus on our sales efforts now knowing our profit margins.鈥

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鈥淔rom workflow to compliance, inventory, and good old-fashioned winemaking, this product makes information easy to access and keep in real-time. InnoVint鈥檚 winery software is a non-negotiable! 鈥

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Profitability Per SKU

InnoVint partners with front-of-house software and data visualization platforms, like WinePulse, to import revenue numbers and report on your profitability per SKU!

Why InnoVint?

InnoVint鈥檚 winery management software is the answer to the call of winemakers everywhere who asked for a simpler way to track what鈥檚 happening in the winery, vineyard, lab, and everywhere wine is made.

Simple Onboarding

From monthly training to an in-depth support center, our team of experienced winemakers is here to help you be successful right away.

Inventory Tracking & Management

From barrels & lots to case goods and dry goods, we've got your back.

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Compliance should be painless. Employ a system to manage the ins and outs so you can focus on the wine.

Save 30+ Hours Per Week

The numbers don't lie! InnoVint clients are reporting over 30 hours saved per week.聽

Informes y previsiones 煤tiles

Real-time data at your fingertips to drive essential decision-making.

Access to Powerful Integrations

Connect the tools you already use and stop entering that data twice.聽


Start Tracking COGS!

Desde el momento en que los brotes se rompen en el vi帽edo hasta la salida del producto terminado de su bodega, estamos all铆 con usted para seguir cada actividad de principio a fin.

Inicie una conversaci贸n con nosotros hoy mismo para ver c贸mo los clientes de InnoVint ahorran entre 15 y 30 horas a la semana.

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